Upcoming Shows/Tickets

The 2017 season is HERE! We have completely revised and puppetized the play we presented in 2015 at the Redbird festival in Carrboro that was called “Linnaeus Forgets.”

This clip was in that play and is now part of our wonderful new play, “Beauty and the Botanist.”



Performance schedule for “Beauty and the Botanist” : May 19, 20; 26,27,28; June 2,3,4; 9,10,11; and 16,17.   Sunday matinees at 2 PM, $10.00.

Evening performances start at 8:30. Guests are encouraged to arrive at 8 PM for wine on the porch, home-made dessert included in the ticket price of  $15.00

This is a one-act play without intermission. Seating is limited to 20 people per performance.

For reservations call 336-272-7888 or contact us at jabberboxpuppets@gmail.com