Audience Reviews

Audience Reviews of our 2017 play “Beauty and the Botanist.”

“Right on!”–Fred Chappell, Greensboro (author of “‘Linnaeus Forgets,” the short story that Jabberbox corrupted to make this puppet show)

“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The production is terrific! I’ve loved them all, but this one takes things to a new level.  The puppets themselves are exquisite. Wonderful energy and lots of sass!”–Susan Irons, Chapel Hill

“Delightful!”–Kitty Robison, Greensboro

“What a great show it was! From sound to script to lighting to pure invention it was so full and pure. It should be shown over and over again to audiences all over. It was just so real, and the joy of invention so evident.”–Daniel Wallace, Chapel Hill

“Our group LOOOOVED your puppet show!  It was a real labor of LOVE. The puppets were magnificent as well as the scenery, props,and script. What fun!  –Pat Plaxico, High Point

“Your time and  talent in preparing for this play are deeply appreciated.  And even more impressive-you share some of the proceeds with very worthwhile charities.  We celebrate all of you in this endeavor and look forward to your next production!”–Jim North, Greensboro

“Of all your productions, this is the BEST!”–Ann Carriel, Greensboro

“I love the new techniques you use for animation. It made me want to watch Being John Malkovich again!”–Bill Payne, Greensboro



Audience Reviews for June 2013, the Jabberbox Puppet Theater’s production of  “Unleashed.”

It was a fantastic production–so imaginative, naughty, funny, & even moving at times–congratulations!
–John Gulley, Associate Professor of Theater, UNC Greensboro

Wow! That was the best show ever. The format was perfect (I love shorts, surprise). The creativity and ingenuity on display was truly awesome Marianne. I loved my piece in there of course but really I could not be happier or prouder. Thanks for doing what you do.
–Daniel Wallace, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel Hill

This was the best Jabberbox production yet! Wonderful puppet comedy with a last scene that moved me deeply.
–Dr. Lawrence Czarda, President of Greensboro College

Jabberbox Puppet Theater is art of a very high and professional caliber…It makes you laugh and it makes you cry…the hand gestures, the black hands, were great. …it was during one of the food scenes where the hands made kind of a Viola gesture – to get across a statement. We loved the latest Jabberbox Puppet show!
–L Paltrinieri and Karen Kopperud:

The latest offering from Jabberbox does not disappoint. Rather than a story with a single arc, “Unleashed” is a series of short skits. It’s a box of chocolates, each with a concentrated comedic flavor of its own. Delicious fun!
–Jane Sugarman

“Unleashed” is so wonderful, creative, and funny. I adored the music and wanted to dance as soon as I heard “Walking the Dog!” And I kept wanting to get up the entire time to move with that music. The pet theme was wonderful, and I have to admit that the freedom of heaven brought me to tears for just a moment between guffaws. Every bit of it was a joy. Thank you for your creative spirits, your talent, and your energy!”
–Nancy May

Marnie Ross
What a good time I had Friday night at the Jabberbox. Unleashed! was
so much fun!
–Marnie Ross

I laughed and smiled so much that my cheeks hurt. You two are so creative, and it is so nice it is something you can give and share to this community, and to your African community as well.
Thanks again, it was a GREAT evening!
–Diane Peck


In 2012, this is what our audience said about our performances of “Rumpus in Rome”

You and Deborah have truly outdone yourselves!!!!!   THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!!!!!  TRULY.  The costumes…..the Queen…’s all smooth, original and funny, funny, funny.   We laughed all the way back to CH.  

–Ruth Moose, Chapel Hill, NC

My face started hurting before the end of the first scene – Great Show! Bravissimo!—Lisa Gagnon, Greensboro, NC

I hooted with laughter…This gave me the delight of the GREAT MARX BROS CLASSICS…But also it has great lyrical beauty because the puppet are so stunning. –Daphne Athas, author, Chapel Hill in Plain Sight.

Wow!  Simply wow!  You two really put on a show….  The music and the mime, the mimicry and the mirth — y’all are fantastic.”–Randall Kenan, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, UNC Chapel Hill.

There are about a thousand ways that this show — and every puppet show you perform — boggles the mind and imagination. How the story melds with the intricate construction is nothing short of magic.—-Daniel Wallace, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, UNC Chapel Hill

“Rumpus in Rome” was a delight from start to finish. I LOVED these puppets! I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire time. Marianne and Deborah are so inventive and skilled at what they do. It was one of the most entertaining evenings I’ve spent in a long time! Brava, ladies!
Lenore Field
Performer, Durham, NC

Audience Reviews of “Little Town, Big Stars” in 2011

“What a creative, witty, and funny puppet show!  Very defined characters, excellent voices, and full of surprises.  And I love the fact that the inspiration for the art was to help others.  The kids really enjoyed it and the backstage tour – but we missed saying good bye to you as you were surrounded by adoring fans. Thank you for including us on the invitation list.  Well done!”

— Stacy Payne, Director of Development, PlayMakers Repertory Company, Chapel Hill, NC

“I was so concerned when one of my dearest childhood friends sent me an invitation to a puppet show that she and a talented friend of hers had produced. She is a wonderful published writer and Professor now…but oh no! Maybe all the writing and education had driven her crazy and she thought  being a puppeteer was the only answer to getting older. I soon found out my genius of a friend  has gotten even more creative since our zaney days of the 60’s growing up in Greensboro.
I just attended the second play,  “Little Town, Big Stars” and couldn’t stop laughing. Marianne Gingher and Debbie Seabrooke have more than found their voices as puppeteers. They are true comediens. costumers, satirists, and have amazing stamina for a 2 gal show!!! It is hard to describe the performances other than so quaint and yet so professional.
Do not miss going to see this adorable, quirky performance…
And a homemade dessert included in the ticket price…What a deal!!!”

–Carolyn Caddell, Greensboro, NC

“What a great show!  You are the mothers of invention!”

–Bland Simpson, Chapel Hill, NC

“‘Little  Town, Big Stars’ was so clever, so well-done…such a good time!”

–Beau James, NYC actor now retired and living in Greensboro, NC

“Little Town, Big Stars” is a rollicking delight complete with “brief puppet nudity”—haha! Leave your old sour self at the door!”–Jill McCorkle, Hillsborough, NC

“Thank you for a wonderful evening at
the Jabberbox Puppet Theater.  It was
charming, in the best sense of that word,
and I loved it all.”

–Marnie Ross, Greensboro, NC

” ‘Little Town, Big Stars’ was intelligent, inventive, whimsical, and a total hoot!

–Jim Seay, Chapel Hill, NC

“The puppets and your voices were incredible.  And of course the caramel cake was absolutely perfect.

–Mary Jane Meeker, Chapel Hill, NC

What a great show. Never imagined that “adult” puppet shows could be so much fun. Superbly written. Artistic. The artist as performer- hidden, that is.

–Mark Meares, Chapel Hill, NC


Audience Reviews of  “African Queens”:

The puppets are truly a work of art—their faces are extraordinary. I could feel the love that went into [the] performance. [Its creators] should carry African Queens far from North Carolina to allow others to have the opportunity to enjoy [it].

—Karen Evans, Greensboro, NC

I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it—it was a puppet show plus. What made it so exceptional were all the wonderful little extras: shooting stars, bugs, masks, dancing. Wonderful puppet show!”

—Suzanne and John Martin, Greensboro, NC

What a romp! And so saucy! [It] made me blush!


—Randall Kenan, Chapel Hill, NC

The creativity…the wit…[African Queens] knocked our socks off!

—Susan Irons, Chapel Hill, NC

A hoot and a half! Loved every minute!

—Ruth Moose, Pittsboro, NC

The high point of the summer! Kudos for this performance…[an] unusual and provocative event!

— Linda Wagner-Martin , Chapel Hill, NC

When on safari in Africa two good ole privileged gals from the New South meet the sophisticated wiseacres of unpronounceable villages in deepest Africa and learn enough about lions, color, money, men, snakes, sex and global capitalism to spin the world off its axis. The grace of Snow White, the political punch of Jon Stewart, and the recklessness of Bugs Bunny merges with the flipping pancake raunchiness of Julia Childs and the bone-breaking knocks of Punch and Judy, to reincarnate in our living rooms as a Comedia delle Arte designed by Marianne Gingher and Deborah Seabrooke —— for the 21st Century. Freed from the one-dimensional cartoon of our flat days, the puppet-marionettes are a dream of beauty and hilarity decked out in flaming embroidery to equal the kaleidscope of their movements. They shock and charm like true people we know, and suddenly we recognize the world of pathos, hilarity, tenderness and stars, the absurd magic in our veins and the flagrant wisdom in our dreams.

—Daphne Athas, Chapel Hill, NC

African Queens is amazing. Forget the Kindle, stories told by puppets are what’s going to take the place of books. It’s a brave, hilarious new world.

—Daniel Wallace, Chapel Hill, NC