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Come see our next performance for an unforgettable night of fun!

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Jabberbox Puppet Theater

announces our 2019 season

featuring an original play based on poetry by Fred Chappell




Based on FRED CHAPPELL’S new book of poems, As If It Were, this original puppet drama, “The Poet’s Menagerie,” celebrates the power and hilarity of Aesop’s fables that continue to entertain us with enduring relevance. When are animals most vain and greedy and sly? When they are behaving like humans, of course!  Come enjoy the shenanigans of foxes, wolves, chickens, a crane, a leopard, a lion, a hare, and an ape– all behaving badly! The performance features original music played live by local singer- songwriter, Jim Ritchey.

As part of Greensboro Bound Literary FESTIVAL, there will be ONE FREE PERFORMANCE SATURDAY MAY 18, Van Dyke Theater, Greensboro Cultural Arts Center at 10 AM.

Additional performances the weekend of May 24-26 and May 31-June 2 at 301 E. Hendrix Street, Greensboro.  2 PM matinee and 8:30 PM evening performances both of these weekends.

JABBERBOX shows are for young-at-heart adults. This year, older children are welcome, too, but “The Poet’s Menagerie” contains material that may not be suitable for younger viewers. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 336-272-7888. LEAVE MESSAGE AND REQUEST FOR SEATS. SEATS ARE LIMITED at the Hendrix St. performances. $15 PER TICKET. INCLUDES FREE HOME-MADE DESSERT AND BEVERAGE. WINE $5 A GLASS.

Doors opening at 8 PM for the 8:30 shows.

$10.00 for Sunday matinee, doors open at 1:30 for the 2 PM show. No dessert or wine provided at matinees.

Seating is limited to 20 people.

Performances May 24-June 2  will be at 301 E. Hendrix Street, Greensboro, NC 27401


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or call 336-272-7888



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