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Beauty and Botanist postcard

For reservations or questions, email us at or call 336-272-7888

Jabberbox Puppet Theater  presents “Beauty and the Botanist,” inspired by a short story by North Carolina poet and novelist Fred Chappell.

The play is set in 18th century Sweden and highlights a troubled but magical time in the life of celebrated teacher and botanist, Carl Linnaeus. In the Age of Reason, scientific proof is everything, a woman’s role is to have babies and keep her husband cozy, and neither wild imaginations nor women belong in the Academy or botany lab. But Linnaeus is a maverick and so is Josefin, his favorite students’ fiance who is unafraid to confront the status quo.  Pistils, stamens, and the natural world have much to show them.

Join the merriment for salon-style adult puppet theater, featuring Jabberbox’s trademark, “brief puppet nudity.”

Performance schedule: May 19, 20; 26,27,28; June 2,3,4; 9,10,11; and 16,17.   Sunday matinees at 2 PM, $10.00.

Evening performances start at 8:30. Guests are encouraged to arrive at 8 PM for wine on the porch, home-made dessert included in the ticket price of  $15.00

This is a one-act play without intermission. Seating is limited to 20 people per performance.

Contact or call 336-272-7888.

All performances are at 301 E. Hendrix St., Greensboro, NC 27401



Below is Frau Linnaeus to welcome you to “Beauty and the Botanist.” One of her many children is peeking at you from behind her skirt!

Frau puppetIMG_20170127_101651314



A trip down memory lane:


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Walk down memory lane with a glance at a clip from 2013’s “Unleashed. ” While you’re at it, see a clip from 2012’s big hit Rumpus in Rome too.

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