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Come see our next performance for an unforgettable night of fun!

Are you READY for 2017?

Beauty and Botanist postcard

Jabberbox Puppet Theater  presents “Beauty and the Botanist,” inspired from a short story story by North Carolina poet and novelistFred Chappell.

The play is set n 18th century Sweden and highlights a troubled but magical time in the life of celebrated teacher and botanist, Carl Linnaeus. In the Age of Reason, scientific proof is everything, a woman’s role is to have babies and keep her husband cozy, and neither wild imaginations nor women belong in the Academy or botany lab. But Linnaeus is a maverick and so is Josefin, his favorite students’ fiance, and flowers have stamens and pistils. Oh my! The natural world has much to show them.

Join the merriment for salon-style adult puppet theater, featuring Jabberbox’s trademark, “brief puppet nudity.”

Performance schedule: May 19, 20,21; 26,27,28; June 2,3,4; 9,10,11; and 16,17,18.   Sunday matinees at 2 PM, $10.00.

Evening performances start at 8:30. Guests are encouraged to arrive at 8 PM for wine on the porch, home-made dessert included in the ticket price of  $15.00

This is a one-act play without intermission. Seating is limited to 20 people per performance.

We’ll begin taking reservations in April.



Below is Frau Linnaeus to welcome you to “Beauty and the Botanist.” One of her many children is peeking at you from behind her skirt!

Frau puppetIMG_20170127_101651314



A trip down memory lane:

Here’s a tiny news capsule from our 2014 season:

Hello Dears! We performed “Solid Gold” on May 7th at the Greensboro Country Club!

It was a chance to celebrate the dedication of all the people that have brought symphonic music to children in the Greensboro Public Schools over the last 50 years, and a commission that we couldn’t refuse. It was fun working with the Greensboro Symphony Guild, making special puppets for this show, including an opera singer with an VERY expandable neck!

And about our 2013 season:
Marianne Gingher and Deborah Seabrooke were pleased to present the new 2013 season for you, with yet another original work: Unleashed! We premiered new puppets who encountered some of your old favorite characters in a series of “shorts.” Please see our audience reviews.

To our patrons who saw “Unleashed!”in Greensboro, thank you for your support! We had 12 sold-out performances! And then we went on to perform at the the Carrboro ArtsCenter in September. What wonderful audiences there too!


Jabberbox Puppet Theater was a participant in the “Activated Art” series at the Ackland Art Museum on the UNC campus this April 2013:

Activated Art at the Ackland

This was a series of live theater performances entitled ACTIVATED ART, works of art in the Ackland’s (on the UNC campus)permanent collection that were experienced in unexpected and thought-provoking ways.

Each performance of ACTIVATED ART comprised five ten-minute plays, each inspired by a different work of art in the Ackland Art Museum’s permanent collection.

We would like to thank Greg Hohn of Transactors for acting two parts simultaneously, in our puppet play “Art Class” based on six sculptures in the museum. Greg played Professor Marblehead (a puppet on his right hand) and his grad student assistant Mr. Budd (for which Greg had to wear a paper bag mask). He was constantly inventive and funny. Thank you Greg!

And dear Jabberbox fans, thank you all!
This is now our fifth consecutive and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful audiences.

Clips of our shows on this website:
Walk down memory lane with a glance at a clip from 2013’s “Unleashed. ” While you’re at it, see a clip from 2012’s big hit Rumpus in Rome too.

Jabberbox publicity photo11md

And read about us:

We got “picked” by The Independent Weekly!  Here is a link to the article:


  You can also keep in touch with us at this email:

And on



Other articles:
Read about Jabberbox in the Summer 2012 edition of the UNCG Magazine:


And here is a link to a true-to-life feature about Jabberbox Puppet Theater in YES!Weekly.


This  is what our Chapel Hill audience said about 2013’s ‘Rumpus in Rome”:

I hooted with laughter…This gave me the delight of the GREAT MARX BROS CLASSICS…But also it has great lyrical beauty because the puppet are so stunning. –Daphne Athas, author, Chapel Hill in Plain Sight.

Wow!  Simply wow!  You two really put on a show….  The music and the mime, the mimicry and the mirth — y’all are fantastic.”–Randall Kenan, UNC professor

There are about a thousand ways that this show — and every puppet show you perform — boggles the mind and imagination. How the story melds with the intricate construction is nothing short of magic.—-Daniel Wallace, Professor, Creative Writing, UNC, author of Big Fish.

“Rumpus in Rome” was a delight from start to finish. I LOVED these puppets! I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire time. Marianne and Deborah are so inventive and skilled at what they do. It was one of the most entertaining evenings I’ve spent in a long time! Brava, ladies!
Lenore Field
Performer, Durham, NC

We had a great time performing  “Rumpus in Rome”at The Garage in Winston-Salem, June 1, 2 2012.  

Here is a link to an article in the W-S Journal’s entertainment guide “Relish” (5/31/12):



More audience raves for “Rumpus in Rome”:

“It was a mixture of unexpected romance, an axe welding chef, a bit of frolicking in the famous Trevi Fountain, and some surprising guests at the ball…  a true work of art. I went away with my own creativity, as well as my morale, boosted – and a brighter smile coming from the inside out.”–Linda Stansbury, Greensboro, NC

You were wonderful Saturday night!  We all loved “Rumpus in Rome”!—Nancy May, Greensboro, NC

You and Deborah have truly outdone yourselves!!!!!   THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!!!!!  TRULY.  The costumes…..the Queen…’s all smooth, original and funny, funny, funny.   We laughed all the way

back to CH.  

–Ruth Moose, Chapel Hill, NC

My face started hurting before the end of the first scene – Great Show! Bravissimo!—Lisa Gagnon, Greensboro, NC


Read an article about us in the April/May 2012 issue of  the  O.Henry Magazine!  The article is a behind-the-scenes look at Jabberbox.  It also mentions a lot of people who have helped us along the way.  We like that!


Photo from a performance of Rumpus In Rome


A transcontinental comedy


What’s all the rumpus about? A Queen goes missing in Rome, fountains overflow with scandal, and statues jump off their pedestals!

In London, the Queen, weary of celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and ignored by her husband, plans a vanishing act. In Rome, the newly appointed American  Ambassador Fuzzy is charged with giving  a lavish ball. Back in the States, Fuzzy’s unruly father, a resident of Elderberry Rehab, is making mischief.  Beej,  Fuzzy’s expat pal is summoned from Africa to help Fuzzy cope with her circusy life. Then there’s an uproarious situation at the Trevi Fountain.

Will Fuzzy’s  father escape from the nursing home and get a new groove?  Will Beej find romance? Will a Queen’s  humbling wish comes true? Meanwhile  a villainous chef puts fish on the menu, an unlikely wedding happens, an axe wields terror, and in the  midst of the rumpus, there’s a ball, after all, with some surprising guests.





Jabberbox Puppet Theater performed “Little Town, Big Stars” on Oct 1 and Oct 2  2011 at Mack and Mack, 220 S. Elm St, during Greensboro, NC’s  “17 Days” Arts Festival!  130 wildly applauding people attended.

We finished our May-June 2012 season bringing our audiences a brand new original play, Rumpus in Rome. Nearly all 19 shows were sold out!  Thank you to our fans!


Now for a little history: Jabberbox Puppet Theater was founded in 2009 by Deborah Seabrooke and Marianne Gingher to introduce and promote puppetry arts in the Triad area.

During the regular performance season (May and June), Jabberbox Puppet Theater offers a salon-style evening of light entertainment for an adult audience of 18-20, with dessert and beverage included with the ticket price. 20% of ticket proceeds go to support educational opportunities at Lumpampa Basic School in Zambia.

Both the 2010 and 2011  performance seasons premiered an original plays by Seabrooke and Gingher.  “African Queens,” on 2010, featured over 15 hand-crafted puppets. The puppeteers sold out 12 shows in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Wilmington, NC.  “Little Town, Big Stars,”  made its debut  in May 2011 with  a new cast of original puppets, and 17 sold-out performances in those same cities.  Go to to read more about “Little Town, Big Stars.


Again, our email address is and Beej Guild show image